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Wheelchair Motorcycle Rides of America   
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Products and Services
We provide the opportunity for wheelchair bound youths and young adults to experience the thrill of being able to reach past the bounds of the confinements of their wheelchairs and realize the exhilaration and freedom afforded by riding a motorcycle. For some this will be the first experience of its kind. For others a return to an activity they once enjoyed and loved. Our motorcycles and sidecars are specifically designed and manufactured for this special purpose.

We host rallies, parties and special events which are solely presented to afford these young people this experience. We also avail ourselves to similar programs such as the Make a Wish Foundation to bring this realization to those children for whom this has been their personal dream.

Here are some pictures of our bikes and sidecars. Some are ready to give the first rides to our kids, and some are still being modified.

The Moto-Guzzi
Wheelchair-Sidecar Rider

Sidecar Waiting for a Rider

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